Miami Files (English Version) – The Characters

Since 2010, we’ve been playing a campaign in Jim Butcher’s Dresdenverse using the Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat Productions. We usually meet only every two or three months, but then play for an entire weekend (i.e. Saturday from about 3 p.m. till about 11 p.m. and Sunday from about 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. or so).

The campaign is a whole lot of fun, and the group has excellent chemistry, but it took something like two years (i.e. until our fourth major adventure) before I finally began a regular session diary. This was due to the fact that my character – an author very (very! nothing but the name, really, and the fact that he’s a writer) loosely based on the protagonist from the „Castle“ TV show – was hit with writer’s block as an in-game consequence, and taking up his long-neglected journal once more was his way of coping. The fact that his diary begins with the group’s fourth adventure, however, also means that its entries contain references to past events which are only hinted at but not explained in any greater detail – after all, real diaries don’t explain all the details either because they are not intended for anyone’s perusal but the author’s. But we’ll see, perhaps I’ll have the time for some flashbacks or reminiscences at some later point (although I doubt it; I’ve been writing these session diaries for more than three years now, and usually I don’t have time for anything but the current diary itself).

For several years, the diaries only existed in German, because we are playing in German and I have been posting them on the German-language Tanelorn forum. But some English-speaking friends and family members expressed an interest in my session reports, so I decided to translate them into English. I have no idea how long it will take me to catch up, but better late than never, I guess. Anyway, if you’ve read the Miami Files diaries in German, you already know everything that is to appear in this new section of my blog, „Miami Files (English)“.

Our group is nicknamed „the Pretty Men“, because all of us play male characters who are all fairly handsome and/or have tons of charisma. We didn’t plan things that way when creating the characters, but that’s how they turned out, and now they have to live with the nickname. Ah well. (Another nickname, „the Knights of Miami“, came up during our fourth adventure, i.e. the first one for which I wrote a session diary, and now both names are being used pretty much interchangeably.)

Our adventures are all named after the real Harry Dresden novels, by the way, but despite the identical titles, the adventures themselves are entirely independent of the events that take place in the novels. It just so happened that our first adventure (which did not have a title back then) had to do with the hurricanes occurring off the Florida coast (caused by the Duke of Miami’s Summer Court and the Duchess of the Winter Court getting it on, by the way, in case anyone wants to know), while our second encounter was with a new gang of coyote lycanthropes. That was the point when we realized that, wait a minute, our first story could have been called „Storm Front“, and the second one „Fool Moon“, and from that point onward, it went without saying that we’d follow the official titles (including the Side Jobs) in our campaign, and it’s loads and loads of fun re-interpreting the well-known titles.

Anyway, here we have the „Pretty Men“:

  • Alex Martin. Emissary of Eleggua. Earns his living by doing this and that, i.e. all types of handiwork, favors he does for people and that people do for him. Has a sister, a U.S. Marshal named Dee. He can steer anything that moves, knows everyone and everything, can channel ghosts and is able to open pathways into and through the Nevernever.
  • Edward Marcus Parsen. Lycanthropic cop in the Miami Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit, who has to keep his anger and his rage in check not only during the full moon, but especially then. Is in a careful relationship with Cherie Raith, Totilas‘ cousin – which constitutes a bit of a problem since Cherie is not only a White Court vampire, but also the Miami Raiths‘ cleaner and a professional killer.
  • Ricardo „Cardo“ Alcazár. Best-selling urban fantasy writer, from whose perspective these diaries are written. The only pure mortal of the group, he instead can call imagination and creativity, charm and the powers of persuasion – and not least a well-stocked bank account – his own. His renown has opened doors for him, but has also has been known to cause one or the other unpleasant moment.
  • Roberto Alveira. A Santero of True Faith who, however, is regarded as a hypocrite by most other adherents of Santería and is not particularly well liked by those people who accuse him of being too focused on money and the material.
  • Totilas Raith. Philanthropic White Court vampire. Totilas, who became a White Court vampire in full cognizance of what he was doing because he hoped to be able to help humans better with a White Court’s special powers, has his hunger demon under rigid control at all times. The rest of his family, perhaps with the exception of his cousin Cherie, usually treat him with condescension due to his weakness for humans, but in the past few years he (perhaps due to the good team that he and his friends make) has been able to gain his grandfather Gerald’s respect to a certain extent.

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