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Session Diary: Itras By – Newsreel

How to break a plot, or: Why I never prepare Itras By adventures in detail

As it turns out, I do not only like to play Itras By at the Tanelorn meetings; I also ran a session at this year’s Drachenzwinge Convention. As chance (or fate, or probably simply their interest) would have it, almost all participants either were players or game masters in the surrealist LIRP that took place on Sunday evening. It would have been all of them, but poor Narrenspiel fell ill unexpectedly, so another player, who did not participate in the LIRP, took her place. Weiterlesen

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Session Diary: Itras By – Blue Roses

Back in February, I ran another Itras By scenario at the Tanelorn winter meeting. I gave a brief account of it in my Shortcuts report of that meeting, but I felt the urge to write an actual diary for the session, because it was lots of fun once more, and I have a feeling that the Itras By community out there might perhaps be interested.



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Session Diary: Itras By – The Montavarde Camera

I kind of hinted to the English-speaking „Itras By“ community on the Web that I might translate my diary for the „Itras By“ session which we played at the Tanelorn summer meeting at some point. This is that point. So if you have read the German version, you already know the below text. Weiterlesen

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Systemvorstellung – Itras By

Nachdem ich vor einigen Tagen von unserer sehr lustigen „Itras By“-Runde berichtet habe und mir dabei aufgefallen ist, dass ich da diverse Regeln und Settingaspekte zwar angerissen, aber nicht näher erklärt habe, folgt heute eine kurze Systemvorstellung. Weiterlesen

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Tanelorn Sommertreffen 2014: Itras By

Der nächste „Kurzbericht“ zum Tanelorn-Sommertreffen 2014 ist nun doch ein vollwertiges Diary geworden. Aber hey, diese sehr geniale Runde hatte es auch absolut verdient.

(An English version of this session diary may be found here.)


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